What Is CrossFit?

  • It’s 'real world' fitness. Workouts are short, hard and very effective. Despite that, it's a lot of fun, because you train with a great group of people. And forget about diets, just eat simple and enjoyable, real food. LEARN MORE HERE

How to get started

    Your first month of membership at CrossFit NZ includes our Intro Program, where you get the low down on correct technique and give your fitness a boost, in order to join our regular classes.
    These run for 4 weeks and are available on Mon/Tue/Thu, at either 630am or 7pm.

    We are now accepting reservations for the August 5th intake (spaces available)
    Private Intro Programs are also available if schedules conflict, you want to start immediately, or if injury/inactivity is a factor.


Mobilise Your Tight Bits...

Learn The Moves....

  • Get your mop handle, push the coffee table out the way, and practice when the ads are on!

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